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8 October 2021

Ukrainian grains crop 2021 online

By October 8 Ukrainian farmers harvested sunflower seeds from 59% of total area with the yield of 2.27 t/ha, current crop is 8.7 mln tons.

During last week 1.145M ha of sunseeds have been harvested with the yield of 2.53t/ha, in line with our assumption about growth of yields with progress of crop harvesting from South to Northern Ukraine.

As of today sunseeds harvesting is almost complete in Kherson region, by more than 80% - in Mykolaiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In other regions level of completion - from 20% to 70%. The highest yield is in Khmelnitskiy region - 3.4t/ha, followed by Vinnitsa, Chernigiv and Cherkassy regions with an yield of about 3.0t/ha.

One of the main objectives for the farmers now is to try to finish sunflower seeds harvesting by the middle of next week when rains are forecasted all over Ukraine.

As a reminder, we expect that in Y2021 Ukraine is to break its record as for sunseeds output - we expect it to make 16-17 mln tons (by official statistics).

By 8 October soubeans have been harvested from 588k ha with the yield of 2.54 t/ha.

As for corn its harvesting is being delayed. One of main reasons - high level of moisture, which in the current season is near 30% (export norm is 14.5%, during last years average level of moisture was 17-18%). High level of moisture means high drying expenses for the farmers, especially taking into account skyrocketing natural gas price. So farmers are trying to delay harvesting hoping for natural level of moisture decrease.

As a reminder, in current marketing year Ukraine already set new record as for both total wheat production volume and yield of wheat per 1 ton.

Wheat crop made 33 mln tons with an yield of 4.65 t/ha (vs. 25M tons and 3.83 t/ha a year ago, previous record as for total production was 28.3M tons in Y2019, while record-high yields were achieved in Y2016 at 4.2 t/ha).

100% of barley is already harvested with an yield of 4.1 t/ha (total crop made 10.2M tons).

As for rapeseeds its total production in the current season made 2.9M tons (with an yield of 2.85 t/ha).

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