Ukrainian Markets

1 January 2022

Ukrainian grains crop 2021 online

By December 10 Ukrainian farmers harvested corn from 98% of total area with the yield of 7.47 t/ha, current crop exceeded 40 mln tons.

Among the regions of Ukraine, the biggest yields are in Khmelnitskiy region (11.8 t/ha) and Vinnitsa (9.8 t/ha) regions.

Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture revised their estimates on sunflower seeds crop. At the moment, basing on official information 99.6% of area is harvested, total crop is 16.3M tons with the yield of 2.5 t/ha (close to record-high as well).

As a reminder, in current marketing year Ukraine already set new record as for both total wheat production volume and yield of wheat per 1 ton.

Wheat crop made 32.4 mln tons with an yield of 4.6 t/ha (vs. 25M tons and 3.83 t/ha a year ago, previous record as for total production was 28.3M tons in Y2019, while record-high yields were achieved in Y2016 at 4.2 t/ha).

Barley yield made 4.0 t/ha (total crop comprised 9.9M tons).

As for rapeseeds its total production in the current season made 2.9M tons (with an yield of 2.86 t/ha).

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