In Y2016 Astarta improved operating results of its main segments

18 January 2017

According to Interfax-Ukraine in current season the largest Ukrainian sugar producer increased its sugar output by 42% vs. MY2015/16 up to 505k tons, which is the largest Astarta production volume for the last years.

The share of the company in total Ukrainian MY2016/17 sugar production made close to 25%.

Own sugar beets production by Astarta is estimated at 2.6M tons (reported sugar beets yield in current season is 57.4 t/ha, which is the largest value for last years as well), in addition more than 1M tons of beets were purchased from third parties.

Sugar production dynamics by Astarta during last years looks as follows:

Astarta sugar production

As was reported before, in Y2016 Astarta became the largest sugar exporter (180k tons of export out of total Ukrainian 466k tons).

Total grains and oilseeds harvest of the company in Y2016 increased by 15% vs. previous year up to 910k tons, breakdowns of sown area and yields during last years are represented in following table:

Season 2016/2017 2015/2016 2014/2015 2013/2014 2012/2013 2011/2012
Sown area, ha 45 09346 55051 45051 56241 65036 750
Yield per 1 ha, tons
Sown area, ha 41 38871 05063 70056 25049 00039 200
Yield per 1 ha, tons
Sown area, ha 53 93250 00041 65049 21948 84344 100
Yield per 1 ha, tons
Sunflower seeds
Sown area, ha 27 04223 0007 3504 6877 35014 700
Yield per 1 ha, tons
Sugar beets
Sown area, ha 44 84234 00049 00037 50051 45049 000
Yield per 1 ha, tons 57.455.
Total land bank, ha 245 000245 000245 000245 000245 000245 000

Finally we note increase of raw milk production of the company in Y2016 by 3% (achieved due to increased cows productivity) and growth of soybeans processing segment output: soybean meal production made 158k tons (+8% vs. Y2015), soybean oil 38.8k tons (+14%).

We expect strong financial results of Astarta for Y2016 and H1 2017 (when current seasons production will be realized).

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