Since the start of Y2017 Interpipe increased steel pipes production by 42%

15 August 2017

In 7m 2017 Interpipe produced 373k tons of steel pipes, which has been by 41.7% higher than in corresponding period of Y2016.

In reporting period pipes production at Interpipe NTZ grew y-o-y by 77% up to 150k tons, at Interpipe Niko-Tube by 44% up to 166k tons, while Interpipe NMTZ decreased production y-o-y to 47k tons vs. 53k tons in H1 2016.

In July plants of the group produced 60k tons of steel pipes, which has been by 46% higher than in July 2016, but lower than in previous month (in June Interpipe produced 64k tons of steel pipes).

In general in Y2017 Ukrainian steel pipes production dynamics remains rather good in July pipes output has been flat vs. record-high for the latest years June figure (close to 97k tons, +41% y-o-y). For the whole period of 7m 2017 steel pipes production made 603k tons, by 29% more than in corresponding period of Y2016.

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