In season 2021/22 Nibulon exported 4.2M tons of grains

28 November 2022

Nibulon market share among the biggest Ukrainian grains exporters made about 9%.

In its 2021/22 financial year report Kernel published rating of the biggest Ukrainian grains exporters of previous season.

Kernel was the biggest exporter with the volume of 8M tons of exported grains, which made 16.6% of total Ukrainian grains export.

Exporter number two was Nibulon. Its volume made 4.2M tons, market share 9%. At that if before the war the share of Nibulon was 10%, after beginning of the war and till the opening of grains corridors out of Ukrainian ports it decreased to just 2%.

After the war started and till grains corridor opening the structure of Ukrainian biggest grains exporters significantly changed. The biggest one was Ukrlandfarming with the share of 8%. Among the TOP-10 we noted such companies as ATK and Ukrainian Agrarian Holding, while such international traders as ADM, Bunge and Cargill dropped out of TOP-10 list.

General Nibulon grains export dynamics during last years looks as follows:

Nibulon grains export 2022

After opening of grains corridors from the Ukrainian ports in August, Nibulon continued to loose its market share. The reason is obvious pre-war logistics routes of Nibulon Dnipro river and sea port of Mykolaiv - are still blocked. Those companies which worked mainly in Mykolaiv Nibulon, Cofco, Bunge are loosing market share vs. companies which are mainly working in Big Odessa ports (such as Kernel and Cargill).

By our estimations after starting of grains corridor operations, Nibulon exports 150-200k tons of grains per month.

After Oleksiy Vadaturskiy was killed by missile strike the company is managed by his son Andriy.

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