Ukrainian eggs export stagnates, local prices slightly grew in December

11 January 2017

According to Ukrstat information growth of Ukrainian shell eggs prices in December made 6.4% (after considerable increase in October and correction in the beginning of November).

Ukrainian shell eggs retail price index dynamics since the beginning of Y2015 looked as follows:

Eggs price dynamics in Ukraine 2015-2016

General market situation remains fragile, as during last period of time export is not very active. In December export of shell eggs and eggs products made USD 4.5M (vs. USD 5.7M in November and USD 3.9M in October). For comparison monthly export in H1 2016 stood at about USD 7M.

Total Ukrainian export volume of shell eggs and egg products in Y2016 made USD 75.3M vs. USD 125M in Y2015, main reason of decline is related to general slump of price on the world market. In natural terms export realization of shell eggs by Ukrainian enterprises declined by about 10%, while export of eggs products in tons in Y2016 slightly grew.

On the other side eggs import decreased as well by almost three times in money terms, so we to speak about net export (export minus import), it declined from USD 79.5M in Y2015 to USD 58.6M. However it was fully related to prices decline, while in natural terms net export grew. This growth is mainly related to H1, while in the second part of year export is mainly stagnating.

Not much active export puts downward pressure on domestic prices producers try to increase it, but it results in consumption decline (as purchasing power of Ukrainian population is still quite low), so we do not expect that December growth of domestic shell eggs prices will continue. Also at the moment domestic prices are lower than a year ago.

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