Interpipe bottoms up?

22 June 2017

In 5m 2017 Interpipe increased pipes production by more than 30% y-o-y up to 250k tons.

In May alone group enterprises produced 53k tons of steel pipes, which has been by 8% more than in April and by 50% more than in May 2016.

According to, in 5m 2017 volume of pipes production at Interpipe NTZ increased y-o-y by 62% - up to 97.4k tons (output in May 20.4k tons), at Interpipe Niko-Tube by 38.4% up to 113.4k tons (21.7k tons in May). Along with it production at Interpipe NMTZ (which produces welded pipes, while other enterprises produce seamless pipes) decreased y-o-y by 16.4% to 38.2k tons (11.1k tons in May).

As a reminder in Y2016 total pipes production by Interpipe enterprises made about 490k tons, which has been by 5% lower than in previous year and was the lowest annual production for the last years:

Interpipe pipes and wheels production dynamics

Taking into account growth of pipes production, steel output by Interpipe Steel has also been growing. In 4m 2017 it increased y-o-y by almost 30% and made 248k tons.

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