Ukrainian agrarians harvested corn from 84% area

29 November 2016

According to Ukragroconsult by November 25 Ukrainian farmers harvested corn from 3.6M ha, which is about 84% of total area. Reported yield increased up to more than 6.2t/ ha, 22.4M tons of corn is already harvested.

Despite worsening of weather conditions in the middle of November, which slowed down harvesting, as corn harvesting campaign progresses from South to Northern regions of Ukraine, corn yields have been increasing. This fact is illustrated in the table below:
Date of report Total harvested area % of total Increase of harvested area* Average yield** Marginal yield***
First 40% of area October 18 1.7 40% 1.7 5.6 5.6
Following 25% of area November 4 2.8 66% 1.1 6.0 6.6
Following 18% of area November 25 3.6 84% 0.8 6.2 6.9
*-vs. previous report
**-average yield reported average yield for the whole area harvested since the beginning of harvesting campaign.
***-marginal yield yield for area harvested since previous report.

Earlier we projected average Ukrainian corn yield for the current marketing year at 6.2-6.3t/ha. Factual reported average yield is close to estimated figure, still on downside are weather conditions snowy weather is expected to come back to Ukraine again.

Taking into account updated data for corn, by November 25 total Ukrainian grains harvest made 61.6M tons (vs. 60.1M tons in previous year).

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