Ukrainian eggs prices expectedly declined in January, export is weak

7 February 2017

According to Ukrstat information after weak growth in December, in January Ukrainian retail shell eggs prices declined by about 11%. Reasons are general seasonal factors and weak export.

Ukrainian shell eggs retail price index dynamics since the beginning of Y2015 looked as follows:

Eggs price dynamics in Ukraine 2015-2017

In January export of shell eggs and eggs products made close to USD 3.0M, thereof shell eggs USD 2.66M, which is slightly higher y-o-y (but lower than USD 3.8M in December16). As for eggs products, dynamics is much worse in January their export made just USD 0.325M (vs. USD 0.670M in December16 and USD 5.1M a year ago). So, as export stagnates local prices have no support and declined after growth by 6% in December.

As we reported earlier total Ukrainian export volume of shell eggs and egg products in Y2016 made USD 75.3M vs. USD 125M in Y2015, main reason of decline is related to general slump of price on the world market. In natural terms export realization of shell eggs by Ukrainian enterprises declined by about 10%, while export of eggs products in tons in Y2016 slightly grew.

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