Ukrainian oilseeds export digest June 2017

11 Jule 2017

In June 2017 Ukrainian companies exported 509k tons of sunflower oil, since the start of the season sunoil export from Ukraine almost reached 5M tons.

In comparison with last years June Ukrainian sunoil export in tons grew by almost 20%.

Average sunflower oil export price in June comprised USD 733/t (which has been by USD 5/t lower than in previous month), total proceeds from sunoil export USD 373M.

In total since the beginning of current season Ukrainian sunflower oil export made almost 5M tons (vs. 3.9M tons as of the same date of previous season; in total in MY2015/16 total sunflower export from Ukraine made 4.5M tons). Monthly dynamics looks as follows:

Ukrainian sunoil export dynamics June 2017

Export of Ukrainian soybeans since the beginning of April has been much less active vs. previous months. In June soybeans export made just slightly above 100k tons vs. 182k tons in April and 138k tons in May (along with it in June of Y2016 soybeans export have been approximately the same as in reporting month).

General soybeans export dynamics in MY2016/17 is represented on the chart below:

Ukrainian soybeans export dynamics June 2017

In total since the beginning of current season Ukrainian companies exported more than 2.8M tons of soybeans (in Y2016 total Ukrainian soybeans harvest made 4.3M tons), which is higher than in the whole previous season (about 2.4M tons).

Soybean oil export in last reporting month made almost 20k tons (which is higher than soybean oil export figures for both April and May) for USD 14.5M. Oilseeds meals export in June made 413k tons (USD 72M), as usual, main part of it sunflower meal.

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