Ukrainian poultry export in January made 11k tons

10 February 2017

Basing on customs statistics figures, in January 2017 poultry export from Ukraine made 11k tons (USD 13M in money terms), by 30% lower than in December, but by 51% higher y-o-y.

Export dynamics (in k tons) during last period of time looks as follows:

Ukrainian poultry export 2016-2017

Poultry export during December-January has been negatively impacted by EU ban of Ukrainian poultry due to bird flu case in Kherson region in the beginning of December. Recently ban has been partially removed, which should positively influence export in February-March (as firstly export in frames of duty-free EU quota will be realized (though quota remains low, so impact will be short-term)).

As a reminder, in Y2016 Ukrainian poultry export made about 240k tons (vs. 161k tons in Y2015), which is USD 292.5M in money terms. In the same period of time import of poultry to Ukraine increased as well to 83.3k tons, as cheap foreign frozen production takes some share of Ukrainian producers on domestic market (in its cheapest segment average imported production price in December made USD 0.41 per 1 kg, export price USD 1.3 per 1 kg).

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