52.5M tons of grains already harvested in Ukraine

8 November 2017

According to Ministry of Agriculture as of 3rd November Ukrainian farmers harvested grains from the area of 13M ha with average yield 4t/ha.

Corn has been harvested from the area of 2.9M ha (65% of total projected area). Total crop as of reporting date made 14.4M tons with average yield of about 5t/ha.

We note that in line with our expectations yields have been growing with the progress of harvesting campaign. If for the first harvested 1.3M ha (as of October 9) average corn yield comprised 4.2t/ha, for the following 0.8ha (October 20) 5.2t/ha, following 0.8ha (from October 21 till November 3) 5.9t/ha.

According to our opinion if there will be no extreme weather conditions in Ukraine during the following weeks, we can expect further average yield growth. If for the rest of unharvested area (35% of total projected area) average yield will make 7t/ha (which is highly possible), average official yield in Ukraine in current season will make 5.7-5.8t/ha. It is much lower than last years record of 6.6t/ha, historical corn yields and total crops figures for the last years looked as follows:

Ukrainian corn yields crop 2008 - 2016

As of November 3 sunflower seeds have been harvested from the area of 5.7M tons (almost 96% of total according to official statistics), average yield stays at 1.96t/ha, total harvest almost 11.2M tons (factual figures can be much different vs. official ones, as it was the case during last years). Soybeans has been harvested from 1.7M ha (87% from total) with the yield of 1.94t/ha, total crop 3.3M tons.

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