Ukrainian farmers started late crops harvesting

18 September 2017

In September Ukrainian agrarians started harvesting of sunflower seeds, corn and soybeans.

In particular, by September 14 farmers harvested sunflower seeds from 1.06M ha (almost 20% of total area), reported yield 1.77t/ha, total harvest almost 1.9M tons. Soybeans harvested area made 212k ha (11% of total), total crop from this area 362k tons (yields stands at 1.71t/ha).

It is expected that late crops harvest and yields in current season is to be slightly lower than record-high last years figures, though as harvesting campaign will progress from South to the North and West we forecast yields to grow, so expected yields for sunflower seeds and soybeans are at above 2.0t/ha.

As a reminder in Y2017 Ukrainian farmers already completed harvesting of early crops total production made 37.3M tons, average yield 3.86t/ha. In particular wheat harvest made 26.3M tons of wheat (area 6.3M ha, yield 4.17t/ha), barley 8.6M tons (area 2.5M ha, yield 3.4t/ha).

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