MHP and Astarta remain the largest Ukrainian soybeans crushers

3 April 2018

According to information, the largest Ukrainian soybeans crusher since September 2017 and till the end of February became MHP.

Total volume of soybeans crush by the largest Ukrainian poultry producer made 134k tons vs. 94k tons a year ago.

Volume of soybeans crush by Astarta remains relatively flat y-o-y at about 105k tons, while the third place among the largest Ukrainian crushers has been taken by Pology MEZ, which significantly increased y-o-y volume of soybeans processing (from 33k tons during September 2016 February 2017 up to 78k tons). Pology MEZ has been generally known at the market as one of the largest sunflower seeds crusher (though having multi-seeds facility).

TOP-10 Ukrainian soybeans crushers for September 2017 February 2018 looks as follows:

Company 2017/18 2016/17
MHP 134 94
Astarta 104 105
Pology MEZ 78 33
Promtechagrotorg 35 36
Greenstone (ex-Kreativ) 34 16
Thegra 31 24
Viktor and Co 29 n.a.
ViOil 15 6
Vidrodzhennya 15 13
Yavir-Invest 10 6

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