ATB increased its revenues in 9m 2017

20 November 2017

According to Interfax-Ukraine agency total revenues of ATB-Market (incl. VAT) in 9m 2017 made UAH 57.3bln.

Y-o-y increase of revenues made 28% (in 9m 2016 it amounted to UAH 41.1bln incl. VAT).

According to CEO of ATB-Market Boris Markov at the moment ATB chain consists of 894 stores in 22 regions of Ukraine. Since the beginning of current year 62 new ATB stores were opened, thereof 29 in Western Ukraine. Stores number dynamics during last years looks as follows:

ATB-Market stores 9m 2017

By our estimation sales growth of ATB which is related to increase of trade area made 10-12%, which means that sales per 1 sq m in reporting period increased by 15%. It means that main factor of sales per 1 sq m growth remains inflation (in 9m 2017 food prices in Ukraine on average increased y-o-y by about 14%, alcohol prices increased by 18%).

As for profitability of activity, ATB-Market EBITDA in Y2016 amounted to UAH 2.2bln, which has been lower than a year ago (UAH 3bln in Y2015). EBITDA margin decreased from 7.7% to 4.6%. Along with it we should note that the company pays significant amounts of rental fees to related companies which own real estate objects ATB-Invest, ATB-Torgstroy, LLC Real-Estate and others.

By our estimations, total EBITDA of the group, which includes operating income of main operating company ATB-Market and above-mentioned related asset-holders, in Y2016 made not less than UAH 4.4bln (in Y2015 UAH 4.8bln).

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