30 October 2023

The biggest Ukrainian grains exporters 2022/23

Kernel, Louis Dreyfus Company and Cargill became the biggest Ukrainian grains exporters in the season 2022/23.

In the 2022/23 season, grain exports from Ukraine made about 49 million tons, which is 1 million tons more than in the 2021/12 season.

Due to the fact that a significant share of Ukrainian grain was exported by alternative routes, and only 55% - through Ukrainian deep-sea ports, there were significant changes in the structure of exporters compared to previous years.

These changes took place due to the fact that exports by alternative routes are much more fragmented, the share of the largest players in it almost never exceeds 5-7% (the only exception at the moment is Nibulon, which is making a big bet on its port terminal on the Danube).

So, according to the data provided in the financial report of the Kernel group for the financial year 2022/23, Kernel still remained number one Ukrainian grains exporter with a share of 8%.

Number two Ukrainian grains exporter in the season 2022/23 was Louis Dreyfus company, whose share was 7%.

Apart from the mentioned companies, Cargill, Nibulon and ADM were also present in the TOP-5. In general, the top ten exporters in the 2022/23 season looked as follows:

Exporter Share
Kernel 8%
Louis Dreyfus 7%
Cargill 5%
Nibulon 5%
ADM 5%
Agroprosperis 4%
Cofco 3%
Viterra 3%
Ukrlandfarming 2%
Olam Ukraine 1%

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