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13 September 2022

Ukrainian grains crop 2022 online

By information of Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture by 8th September grains have been harvested from 6.7M ha, total crop made 25.9M tons.

Wheat has been harvested from 4.7M ha which is 99% of expected harvesting area, total crop 19.2M tons, average yield made 4.1 t/ha.

Current yields are below last years record-high 4.6 t/ha, but they are pretty close to average wheat yields for the last five years.

As for barley, its yield made 3.5 t/ha (harvested area 1.6M tons, total crop 5.5M tons), which is below last years 4 t/ha (also record-high for Ukrainian history).

Sunflower seeds harvesting has already started as well. By 8th September 5% of total area has been harvested (251k ha), current crop about 400k tons.

Rapeseeds harvesting is over in Ukraine. 3.1M tons has been harvested from the area of 1.1M ha with the yield of 2.85t/ha (on the level of previous year).

Ukrainian grains growing statistics for the last decades - sown area, yields, total crop - is presented under following link.

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