In Y2022 MHP produced about 700k tons of poultry meat

29 January 2023

Y-o-y MHP poultry output decreased by 8%

According to the company's operational report in December 2022, MHP chicken production amounted to 57 thousand tons, 12% less than the previous month and 17% less compared to December last year.

Production capacity utilization decreased from 95% in November to 83%.

In total, in 2022, MHP produced 697,000 tons of chicken (754,000 tons in 2021). Production in 2022 is the lowest since 2018.

MHP poultry production dynamics during March-December 2022 is presented on the following chart:

MHP poultry production December 2022

On the contrary, the volume of chicken sales of MHP increased. In December, they amounted to 66,000 tons (+9% to November and +3% to December last year). The increase in sales occurred at account of the domestic market, export sales decreased by 9% compared to last month.

As for poultry export dynamics, during last several months it looked as follows:

MHP poultry export December 2022

It should be noted that the average selling price of chicken in December ($1.85 per 1 kg) did not change compared to November. This is important because, starting from the summer months, prices have dropped significantly.

Exports of sunflower oil are quite volatile, but remain higher than last year. In December, it amounted to 32 thousand tons compared to 51 thousand tons in November and 26.6 thousand tons in December last year.

In total, in 2022, the export of MHP sunflower oil amounted to 269,000 tons (+30% by 2021).

The company has finished harvesting grain crops. In 2022, the yield of wheat was 5.5 t/ha, sunflower 2.5 t/ha, corn 7.2 t/ha. In total, about 2 million tons of grain were collected.