Ukrainian export of shell eggs and egg products - the result of H1 2023

17 July 2023

In the first half of 2023, Ukrainian companies exported shell eggs and egg products worth almost $52 million.

According to the customs statistics of Ukraine, in June, the Ukrainian export of shell eggs totaled 5,000 tons with a value of $5.8 million, which is almost the same as in May.

In general, during the first half of 2023, Ukrainian companies exported 25,700 tons of shell eggs with a total value of almost $35 million and 4,000 tons of egg products worth $17 million.

Shell eggs export Ukraine June 2023

The export of shell eggs in the reporting period is almost double the export figure for the same period in 2022 (13,000 tons and $19.5 million, respectively), while the export of egg products exceeds last year figure by more than four times.

Let us remind you that in 2022, Ukrainian exports of shell eggs amounted to almost 27 thousand tons worth $42 million (in 2021 - 40.3 thousand tons worth $44.6 million), egg products - 5.1 thousand tons worth $23 million (2021: 4.6 thousand tons for $12 million).

With the increase in egg production by Ukrainian households (which traditionally occurs in the spring and summer), Ukrainian industrial eggs producers are trying to increase exports and to support prices on the domestic market this way.

In the current year, this tactic is, in our opinion, quite successful. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, retail prices for eggs in Ukraine decreased by 8.7% in April, by 23% in May, but only by 4% in June, prices actually stabilized.

A seasonal increase in egg prices in Ukraine is expected already in autumn, which will have a positive effect on the profitability of producers. We expect that 2023 could be the most successful year for industrial egg producers in the last decade.

Our analysis of the financial report of one of the largest Ukrainian producers of eggs and egg products - the Ovostar company - is provided at the link.