In January Ukrainian poultry export made 35k tons

3 February 2023

Ukrainian monthly poultry export volumes remain rather stable, average prices stabilized.

In January Ukraine exported 35k tons of poultry, which is below the figures for both December (40k tons) and January 2023 (43k tons). Average monthly poultry export during Y2022 made 34k tons.

Average price for Ukrainian poultry export in reporting month made $1.7 per 1 kg, which is higher than in previous month ($1.6 per 1 kg). It is important as average Ukrainian poultry export prices significantly dropped since summer (in H1 2022 average price made $2.2 per kg). Main Ukrainian poultry importing countries in January were Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

As a reminder, in Y2022 Ukraine exported 413k tons of poultry meat with the value of $852M. For comparison in Y2021 export made 459k tons for $716M.

Export in tons dynamics during last years’ have been as follows:

Ukrainian poultry export 2022