In MY 2022/23 Ukraine exported 49 million tons of grains

8 July 2023

In season 2022/23 Ukrainian grains export exceeded the figure for both previous season and marketing year 2020/21.

Despite the problems with functioning of grain corridor from Ukrainian deep-sea ports, due to quite dynamic export through the Danube ports, in June 2023 grain exports from Ukraine increased by 300 thousand tons compared to the previous month and amounted to 3.7 million tons (1.3 million tons corn and 2.3 million tons of wheat).

Ukrainian corn, wheat, barley export June 2023

In total, in the 2022/23 season, Ukraine exported 49 million tons of grain, which is 1 million tons more than in the previous season and almost 5 million tons more than in the 2020/21 season.

So in the season that have just ended, during the full-scale Russian invasion, grain exports became the third largest in the entire history of Ukraine, second only to the seasons of 2019/20 (54 million tons) and 2018/19 (49.5 million tons). For more information on historical Ukrainian grains export figures, please see the link.

In terms of crops, situation with export in the 2022/23 season was as follows.

The export of corn from Ukraine amounted to more than 29 million tons (which is only 1 million tons below the highest result in history) - primarily, due to the large stock of corn from the previous season (12-13 million tons). As a result, in the current season, 40-45% of exports were corn of the 2021 harvest.

As of the end of the current season, corn stocks in Ukraine are estimated at 2-3 million tons.

Wheat exports from Ukraine in the 2022/23 season amounted to 16.8 million tons (of which 5 million were the 2021 harvest). As of the end of June, according to our estimates, the wheat stock in Ukraine is at a minimum level, so starting from July-August, the bulk of exports will be the 2023 harvest.

As for our first estimates of potential Ukrainian grain exports in the new season of 2023/24, the export of corn may amount to about 20 million tons, wheat 8-10 million tons.

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