By 27 July 2023 Ukraine harvested more than 10 mln tons of grains

29 July 2023

As of July 27, 8 million tons of wheat, almost 3 million tons of barley, and 2.5 million tons of rapeseed have been harvested in Ukraine.

Last week, Ukrainian farmers continued the active harvesting of early grains - almost 1 million hectares of wheat, 370 thousand hectares of rapeseed and about 150 thousand hectares of barley were harvested.

So according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy, by July 27, 40% of the total wheat area (1.8 million ha) has been harvested, current total crop is 8 million tons, the average yield is 4.4 t/ha.

Among the regions where more than 30% of the forecast area has been harvested, Vinnytsia region is the leader in terms of yield with an average of 6.2 t/ha.

With a high degree of confidence, we can expect that in the current year the average yield of wheat in Ukraine will be one of the highest in history (the previous record - 4.59 t/ha was set in 2021, in 2022 the average yield of wheat was 4.05 t/ha), and the total harvest will range between 20-21 million tons.

By July 27, more than half of the area under barley was harvested. The average yield is currently 3.94 t/ha, which is also significantly higher than last year's (3.22 t/ha), a total of 2.9 million tons of barley was harvested.

As for rapeseed, with the advancement of harvesting in the western and northern regions, the average yield also increases significantly.

In total, 930,000 hectares of rapeseed have been harvetsed (67% of the total forecast area), 2.5 million tons have been collected with an average yield of 2.68 t/ha (in the reporting week, the average yield was 3 t/ha).

We will remind that in the current season, the area under rapeseed has significantly increased compared to the previous one (1.376 million ha versus 1.156 million ha), as for the yield, according to our expectations, the average yield according to the results of the current season will still be slightly inferior to last year's (2.87 t/ha ).

In terms of regions, the leader in yield is Poltava (3.9 t/ha) and Ternopil (3.8 t/ha) oblasts.

All statistics on the cultivation of the main grain and oilseed crops in Ukraine for the last two decades are given at the link.

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