In 2023 proceeds from Ukrainian poultry export made $800M

9 January 2024

In year 2023, Ukrainian exports of poultry meat amounted to 425,000 tons with a total value of $800 million.

According to preliminary data of customs statistics, Ukrainian exports of poultry meat in December amounted to 35.9 thousand tons, which is in line with the average monthly export figure for Y2023 (along with it in December 2022 Ukrainian poultry export made 37.7kmt).

In total, in Y2023, Ukraine exported 425,000 tons of chicken meat worth $800 million. Compared to 2022, the export of meat in natural volume increased by 3%, while in money terms it decreased by 6% due to decrease in the average selling price in the second half of year 2022.

Poultry export Ukraine 2017 2023

During the first six months of 2022, the average price of Ukrainian poultry meat exports was $2.2 per 1 kg, at the beginning of 2023 it decreased to $1.7 per 1 kg, but increased again in the summer'23, so in the second half of Y2023 the average export price was already around $1.9 per 1 kg.

Poultry prices were relatively stable, even in spite of a significant decrease in global prices for grains and oilseeds, which led to reduction of the cost of poultry production.

The dynamics of Ukrainian poultry export revenues (in USD) in recent years is shown in the following graph:

Poultry export in USD money Ukraine 2017 2023

The biggest Ukrainian industrial poultry producer and exporter with 80-90% market share (among exporters) is MHP.