The number of McDonald's restaurants in Ukraine reached 100 again

6 January 2024

Before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, 109 McDonald's restaurants were operating in Ukraine.

On December 28, a new McDonald's restaurant was opened, located on the 20th kilometer of the Kyiv-Chop highway in the village of Stoyanka, Bucha district.

This newly opened facility became the 100th operating restaurant of the chain after the resumption of its work in Ukraine in the fall of 2022.

It is also the second restaurant on the highway of international importance Kyiv-Chop, earlier in November of this year McDonald's opened another one restaurant nearby this highway in the Zhytomyr region.

According to our expectations, despite the war, revenues of McDonald's Ukraine in 2023 will be the largest in the entire history of the company's operation in Ukraine.

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